Affiliate Marketing the Easiest Way to Earn Passive Income

Passive Income through Affiliate marketing

In the past, we’ve covered the multiple ways people can earn passive income in their lives. In this post, we’re going to cover just one in particular: affiliate marketing.
About a year ago, I started on my own quest to create passive income streams in my life. The typical avenues like real estate investing or investing heavily into the stock market seemed out of reach for me, so I decided to start focusing my efforts on affiliate marketing.
While all my bills aren’t covered by passive income yet, I have gone from earning just a few dollars each month in passive income to now earning hundreds of dollars per month. That basically covers my groceries. The more I learn about effective affiliate marketing strategies, the more I will earn.

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How To Become a Great Affiliate Marketer

How to Become a Great Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing has been around almost since the beginning of the internet, but understanding it and mastering it is still a challenge for a lot of affiliate marketers. What is it, how do you utilize affiliate programs, and can you really make money with affiliate products?
The first place to start is understanding exactly what affiliate marketing is. In short, it’s a system where an online retailer pays you, a blogger or website owner, a commission for any visitors and/or consumers that you drive to their website through referrals on your site.
Going a little more in depth, it works because each company that you have an affiliation with gives you a specifically-coded link that is unique only to you. When the company tracks sales, they can search by that code to see if any sales were generated through your special link. Then you get a designated fee or percentage of profit for everything sold through your link.

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How to Make Your Home Equity Work for You

How to Make Your Home Equity Work for You

If you own your home, you could be sitting on a gold mine. You’re probably thinking that that can’t be true. In this market? With our crazy economy? Yes and yes. And if you have a gold mine, why not use some of the gold in order to make even more? Here’s how you do it.

​What is Home Equity?

The first step in putting your home to work for you is understanding what home equity is. Home equity is the value of your home ownership that accrues as you begin to pay down your mortgage while the market value of your home goes up.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you bought your home several years ago for $100,000. You’ve been making your mortgage payments faithfully and now only owe $80,000 on your home. While you’ve been making those payments, the value of your home has increased to $110,000. In simple math terms, your home equity is the current market value minus what you have left to pay off the mortgage. In our example, the current market value is $110,000 and the remaining mortgage debt is $80,000, so my home equity is $30,000.

Simple, right? You can use one of these tools – or try several of them to compare – in order to get a good idea of what the current market value of your home is.

One of the top reasons that people choose not to invest in real estate is that they think they don’t have enough money to do it. Now that you have determined the amount of equity you have in your home, you can start to put it to work for you.

Your next step is to familiarize yourself with the ways that you can borrow against your own home so that you can determine which method is best for you.

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How the Cone of Learning Applies to Your Ability to Earn Money

cone of learning active vs passive

In 1946, Edgar Dale, an expert in audiovisual education, created his infamous “Cone of Experience,” a pyramid-shaped graphic that detailed the different ways that we receive information, visually illustrated as different levels on a cone-shaped diagram.
His theory was very similar to the Chinese proverb: the majority of the things we retain in our memory are a result of action that we take on them.

“What I hear, I forget; What I see, I remember; What I do, I understand.” - Chinese Proverb

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Years later, his theory was applied directly to learning, transforming it into the “Cone of Learning.” Other experts took it even further and assigned percentages on each level of the cone to give educators an even clearer idea on just how important taking action is when it comes to learning.

The “Cone of Learning” can have a lot of different applications. We want to show you just how much you can learn from it as you make the jump from just thinking about creating sources of income to actually making those dreams a reality. The best way for you to start growing your income, both online and the real world, is to start taking action immediately.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding – What You Need to Know

real estate crowdfunding platforms

Real estate crowdfunding is the combination of a crowdfunding – a newer investment market – with an investment as old as time, real estate.
A good example of crowdfunding is a site like Kickstarter. Several people across networks and social media channels invest into an idea with hopes of bringing it to market.
Real estate crowdfunding is basically the same thing but for property. Rather than investing into an idea or a company, several people are pulling their resources together to invest in a property.
Crowdfunding for real estate isn’t exactly a new concept, it’s just that up until now you needed to be considered an accredited investor in order to do this. More often than not, accredited investor status was usually reserved for the wealthy because they were the ones who met the requirements. Thanks to technology, real estate crowdfunding for non-accredited investors is now a reality.
Another example of real estate crowdfunding is when families or neighbors pool together to buy a property. Again, this isn’t a new concept. The only difference is that real estate crowdfunding has made it more accessible thanks to technology.

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How to self publish a book

self-publish a book

I never dreamed that I would be able to take what lived in my head, organize it so it made sense, transfer it on paper, and then find a way to share it with the world. I never dreamed I would actually self publish a book.
On January 15th, 2016 this dream came true and my book-  The Grace and Kindness of Words: A Book of Words, Positive Affirmations, and Happy Thoughts. became available to anyone interested and willing to share a piece of my heart, on, as well as online through 3000 websites.
My journey started with a goal in January 2015. I wanted to start writing again but the idea of publishing seemed like a far off impossible dream. How would I accomplish such a task? The first thing I told myself was that if I didn’t start writing again there would be no book to publish.

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Overcoming Fear on Your Way to Success in Real Estate Investing

Overcoming Fear to Success in Real Estate Investing

Fear can be an absolutely paralyzing thing. It keeps some from going after their dreams and living the life they want. It keeps others from even having dreams in the first place because they are so terrified of doing the wrong thing.
There are two kinds of fear:

  1. The first is the kind we feel as a genuine response to a real threat to our physical safety. This is actually a healthy fear; one author even goes so far as to call it a gift, saying that relying on the intuition that we have that something is posing a threat to us is the very thing that often keeps us alive and safe.
  2. The second kind of fear is the type where we are afraid of things that will never happen. A shocking 60% of our population fears things that will, in fact, never take place. That means they spend hours, days, or even a whole lifetime anticipating and being stymied by something that will never become an actual reality in their lives.

It’s this second type of fear that keeps people from trying to live their entrepreneurial dreams in the business world. They have a great idea or see a great opportunity and instead of taking a calculated risk to go for their dreams, they allow their fear to win out and they never take the leap to see just what amazing things they can accomplish.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Bluehost Is the Right Powerful Web Hosting Option


Setting up a website has many significant pieces, but one of the most important decisions you will make in creating your site is who you will choose to host it. For those new to the world of establishing a website, a web host is the business that gives you the technology to get your site published and usable on the internet. They keep your website on their server. If something happens to their server, your website will not function. And anyone in business will tell you that if your website is down, your business can really suffer. Now that you see what a critical piece of the website puzzle a web host is, you’ll need to find the right one. Let me save you some time.
The best choice is Bluehost – POWERFUL Web Hosting.
Why? There are literally hundreds of thousands of different hosting companies out there that you can choose from for your site. What sets Bluehost apart from all of the others?
Here are the top ten reasons why Bluehost web hosting should be your choice .

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5 Proven Passive and Residual Income Ideas

5 Proven Passive and Residual Income Ideas

The idea of making money while you sleep – aka residual income – gets a bad rap. Often times, it’s because people who don’t have the best intentions are trying to sell others on residual income business opportunities that simply don’t work. Or, people have unrealistic expectations of what a residual income business actually looks like.
Unfortunately, because people have used a faulty residual income model to take advantage of others, passive and residual income opportunities have a bad reputation. This means that there are millions of people out there who are missing out on opportunities to build wealth with legitimate residual passive income ideas.
We’ll be sharing the best residual income ideas in this article, but first we must get clear on the definition of residual income.

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