Many people asked me to share the resources and tools I use to run my web site. As a result, I have put together this resource page. Below is a list of the essential resources I use to run my online business. I strongly recommend those tools for building and optimizing your online business. I am aware of the fact that, there are many other tools and resources out there. However, for my current situation those resources suit my needs. I hope you can benefit from them as well.


Please Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you click the link/s below and choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at NO additional cost to you.
I do recommend them to you not because of the affiliate commissions rather than they are helpful, useful, and make my life easier to run Passive Income Boost.
Thank you for your support!

bluehost power web hosting


Bluehost is a service that hosts your website. It’s not enough to purchase a domain name. In order to have your website “live” and functional for everyone online to see, you must have someone hosting it. Bluehost is the right choice for entrepreneurs and bloggers for three key reasons:

1. They are inexpensive. Starting a website doesn’t have to cost you your life savings, and Bluehost is proof of that. Their hosting plans start at just $3.49/month!
2. They work great with WordPress. WordPress is the easiest and most powerful website-creation tool on the market today, especially for non-tech people. It’s the go-to choice for most people who are just starting their blog or their website, so you’ll want to have a hosting company that has a solid relationship with WordPress.
3. Their customer service is fantastic. Other hosting sites offer 9-5 support. Bluehost offers 24/7 support no matter what level of a subscriber you are.



Your site needs to look fresh and function well so that it is always working for you. If it’s not, your stream of income could be compromised. ThriveTheme is the place to go to invest in a theme that looks great and focuses on conversion so that your site visitors can easily become subscribers. ThriveTheme has many different themes for you to choose from so you’ll know that you have the right one for your site. Subscribing to their service for $19/month gets you access to all of their themes and plugins for use on your own site.

Thrive Architect


Building a website that works for you isn’t just for techies anymore. Thrive Architect (formally known as “Thrive Content Builder”) makes all of the editing for your website simple and easy to do. Their WordPress plugin is based on the simple idea that if you want to change something on your page, you click on it. Sounds easy, but sometimes the reality is much harder! With this plugin, you’ll be able to create and edit beautiful and engaging content that turns visitors into regular customers. One license for one site costs $67 but the value added to your site is priceless.

Thrive Landing Pages


You’ve seen other Thrive products promoted here so hopefully you’re seeing how necessary they are for your blog! When visitors reach your landing page, they need to be immediately engaged. If not, you’ve lost them. ThriveLead has done all of the back-end research with the best growth hackers so they can help you help you build effective landing pages that convert site visitors to site subscribers. They use tools like advanced targeting and actionable results to help you create pages that work for you.



Keeping in touch with your subscribers and getting your product to them is a big part of your website’s success. Mailerlite is an email marketing site that helps you create beautiful content to send to your subscribers. With drag-and-drop editing, plenty of free templates, photo editing, and built-in methods to build your email list, this is the best email marketing tool for your website today. Bonus – it’s FREE if you have less than 1,000 subscribers!



Your website looks great – now you have to get people to see it! Keywords are the powerful way that traffic is driven to your site. If you want to get people to your website, you need to use the right keywords so that your website pops us in any search engine when they are looking for a topic that can be found on your page. Longtailpro is software that help you generate hundreds of keywords that will make your site appear on the top of search engine results and generate more traffic to your pages!



Canva is the best place for FREE graphic design on the web today. Need to create a graphic for social media? They have preset dimensions and formats to go on any platform. Need to design your own logo? Choose from their millions of images, hundreds of fonts, and dozens of icons and shapes to enhance your design. There are some images and extras that cost money, but many that don’t. It’s easy to use Canva to create beautiful graphics for your website and promotions for free.

Pixabay Free Images


Beautiful pictures that tell what your blog is all about will draw in visitors to your site and keep them coming back. Pixabay has over a million FREE images for you to download and use on your site. As with Canva, there are some images that you need to pay for to use, but there are so many beautiful free ones that you’ll definitely have many options without paying.



Videos are a must for any website that wants to stay current. The easiest way for you to incorporate videos into your blog is through YouTube. You can set up your own YouTube channel in just a few easy steps once you have a YouTube account. Both the account and the channel are free, making it really easy for you to get your videos on your site quickly and easily. Take a look at Passive Income Boost YouTube Channel.



You’ve created your YouTube channel and now you need something to put on it! Camtasia is the go-to software for creating beautiful videos with great effects that will get the attention of the visitors to your site. Upload your raw video to Camtasia or record it through the software, add effects and music and narration, and the finished product is immediately ready to post on your YouTube channel. You can try it for free for 30 days to make sure that it’s a good fit for you. After that, there’s a one-time software-purchase fee of $199.

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